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One Minute to Zero

Storyline One Minute to Zero

Using refugees as human shields, North Korean troops advance on Col. Steve Jankowski and his dug-in troops. Hoping to turn the throng back, Jankowski orders his gunners to fire warning shots short of the advance. Again and again the cannons roar, aiming closer each time. The approach continues: Jankowski must make an agonizing decision. Robert Mitchum portrays Jankowski, a leader of U.S. forces that are part of the United Nations Coalition pushing back against the invasion south of the 38th Parallel. Tay Garnett (Bataan, The Cross of Lorraine) directs, effectively integrating documentary footage of the conflict. Ann Blyth plays a UN official drawn to Jankowski. And it wouldn't be a war flick without a tough top kick -- a role Charles McGraw fits perfectly.

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One Minute to Zero

Movie details One Minute to Zero

Release : 1952-09-19

Genre : War, Drama

Runtime : 105

Company : RKO Radio Pictures

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