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Guerra di Troia (AKA: Trojan Horse) is a 1961 historical drama film set in the tenth and final year of the Trojan War. The film focuses primarily on the exploits of the Trojan hero Aeneas during this time. The film was directed by Giorgio Ferroni and starred Steve Reeves as Aeneas and John Drew Barrymore as Odysseus. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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The Trojan Horse

Movie details The Trojan Horse

Release : 1961-10-26

Genre : History, Adventure

Runtime : 105

Company : Compagnie Industrielle et Commerciale Cinématographique (CICC), Europa Cinematografica, Les Films Modernes (I)

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The Trojan Horse is a tale from the Trojan War about the subterfuge that the Greeks used to enter the city of Troy and win the war. In the canonical version, after a ...
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A destructive program that masquerades as a benign application. Unlike viruses, Trojan horses do not replicate themselves but they can be just as destructive.
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Huge hollow wooden horse constructed by the Greeks to gain entrance into Troy during the Trojan War. The horse was built by Epeius, a master carpenter and pugilist.
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Trojan horse n. 1. A subversive group or device placed within enemy ranks. 2. The hollow wooden horse in which, according to legend, Greeks hid and gained entrance to ...
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from the large hollow wooden horse filled with Greek soldiers and introduced within the walls of Troy by a stratagem. First Known Use: 1837
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