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Los Angeles - 2057 - a lawless, war-torn terrain and home to Chandra, a beautiful but deadly young woman, and Hawkiins, a tough ex-soldier whose career was terminated by crippling wounds. No longer lovers, the pair still share erotic and disturbing psychosexual derams. After a brilliant research scientist experiments on Hawkins, he is dramatically transformed into the Prototype - half-man, half-robotic machine and all-warrior. But, when the experiment gets badly out of control, the deadly Prototype escapes and goes hunting for Chandra, his prime target for elimination. In an explosive climax, the ultimate battle commences to determine whether mankind or machines will survive to rule the Earth.

Part man, part machine, all killer. Mankind doesn't stand a chance.


Movie details Prototype

Release : 1992-12-23

Genre : Science Fiction, Drama, Fantasy

Runtime : 98

Company : Filmtown Productions, Filmtown Entertainment Group

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