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Three teenagers appear to have a lot of fun on the children's oncology department on the fourth floor of a large hospital. Nick (14) and Iwan (15) both lost a leg as a result of bone cancer. For their friend Olivier (16) an amputation may be the next phase. The fourth of the bunch, Pepijn (15), is so ill and weak that he often stays in his room. Friendship and a deep desire to live keeps the guys mentally balanced. And of course their interest in sexy girls makes them act like any ordinary teenager. They make jokes about their illness. They call each other "sickos". The sickos cannot walk, but with their wheelchairs they do risky stunts and organise joyrides in the corridors of the hospital. Their friendship changes when Gina (16) arrives. The boys try to seduce her, but Gina is not interested at first, until she realises that her stay in the hospital will be a lot less depressive when she has friends. Sickos is a humorous drama that deals with adolescence and chemotherapy


Movie details Sickos

Release : 2014-02-12

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Runtime : 0

Company : Bos Bros. Film-TV Productions

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