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Ramayana: The Epic

Storyline Ramayana: The Epic

The film is a retelling of the story of Lord Rama, from his birth until his battle with Ravan at Sri Lanka.

Ramayana: The Epic

Movie details Ramayana: The Epic

Release : 2010-10-15

Genre : Animation

Runtime : 98

Company : Maya Digital Media

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Traditionally, the Ramayana is attributed to Valmiki. The Hindu tradition is unanimous in its agreement that the poem is the work of a single poet, the sage Valmiki ...
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Srimad Valmiki Ramayana is an epic poem of India which narrates the journey of Virtue to annihilate vice. Sri Rama is the Hero and aayanaHis journey.
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Ramayana, ( Sanskrit: “Rama’s Journey”) shorter of the two great epic poems of India, the other being the Mahabharata (“Great Epic of the Bharata Dynasty”).
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Ramayanais one of the great epics of India. This story of Sri Ramaby the great sage Valmikiis referred to as the Adi Kavya.Other famous versions of Ramayana include ...
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Ramayana download the entire epic work about Rama, Sita and Hanuman. This Ramayana download is in 4 pdf books - the complete Valmikis sanskrit version.